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How to Share WordPress Blog Posts Automatically to Twitter

How to Share WordPress Blog Posts Automatically to Twitter
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How to Share WordPress Blog Posts Automatically to Twitter


If you wish to tweet your recently published blog posts automatically, so you can do it. Twitter is the best platform that whenever you publish a new post, it let your followers know.

You also can save your time by automatically tweeting posts from WordPress to your Twitter profile while growing your Twitter followers and website traffic.

Today, we will discuss how to share WordPress blog posts automatically to Twitter.


Why Share WordPress Blog Posts Automatically to Twitter?

Twitter is a fantastic place to build a following and engage with your audience. However, manually sending out tweets can be time-consuming whenever you want to publish a new blog post on your WordPress blog.

It is where you share WordPress blog posts automatically to Twitter comes in handy. You can offer fresh content for your Twitter followers to keep them updated and engaged.

Let’s see how you can automatically tweet when you publish a new post on a WordPress blog.

Share WordPress blog posts automatically to Twitter sing Uncanny Automator

Using Uncanny Automator is one of the reliable and easiest ways to tweet newly published posts in WordPress. It’s one of the best WordPress automation plugins that will help you create automated workflows without code.


In this article, we will use the free version of Uncanny Automator, including Twitter integration.

Uncanny Automaton’s Pro version also unlocks many more integrations like Twilio, Google Sheets, Slack, etc.

Some advanced features are also offered by Uncanny Automator, such as delayed or scheduled actions, which will be able to trigger any automation or much more.

If you want to share WordPress blog posts automatically to Twitter, you will first have to install and activate the Uncanny Automator plugin on your WordPress site.

Upon activation, simply go to Automator » Settings there; you will need to select and tap the “Twitter”. Finally, click “Connect an Account button.”


On this screen, to access your Twitter account, you will need to allow Uncanny Automator. For that, you will have to click the “Authorize app” button.


Here, you will be redirected back to the Uncanny Automator plugin’s settings page. After that, your Twitter account will connect successfully.


Next, you should create a recipe to share WordPress blog posts automatically to Twitter.

To get started, simply from your WordPress dashboard, go to Automator » Add New. Now, you will have to choose a recipe type by selecting either logged-in users or everyone.

Only those users who log in to the website can trigger the Logged-in recipes. However, you will need to choose the ‘Everyone’ recipe type if you want anybody to trigger the recipe.

Go ahead and choose the ‘Logged-in users’ recipe type, then click the ‘Confirm’ button.


In this step, you should add a title for the recipe, and as your Logged-in triggers integration, please select ‘WordPress.’


Now it will display a list of triggers to select from. So you will need to go ahead and choose ‘A user publishes post’s type with a taxonomy term in a taxonomy.


Next, you can automatically select which content you want to share from WordPress blog posts to Twitter by choosing a “Post type” from the drop-down menu.

For example, if you want to share all your blog posts, you simply need to select the “Post” option. You can also decide if you wish to share blog posts from a particular category or tag by changing the Taxonomy options.


Once done, you must click the “Save” button.

Next, simply add an action for your recipe. When the formula is triggered, you want to do an action, like share WordPress blog posts automatically to Twitter.

You will be able to start by clicking the ‘Add an action button.


Now you will need to select “Twitter” as your integration below the Actions section.


After that, you should select the “Post a status to Twitter” option for your action.


Go ahead and add a Status that your followers will read on Twitter when you publish new content on the WordPress site.

To customize your Tweet, Uncanny Automator is also offering different options. For example, click the (*) asterisk button and choose “Post title” and then “Post URL” to appear in your Tweets automatically.


The image URL field can be used below if you want to appear the same image with every post tweeted out.

However, if the blog posts’ featured images appear instead, you must see our guide on adding Twitter cards in WordPress.

When you are done, do not forget to click the “Save” button.

Now you are about ready to publish your recipe. You should click the toggle below the “Recipe” Meta-box and change recipe status from Draft to ‘Live. ‘


Good job! Uncanny Automator will share WordPress blog posts automatically to twitter.

Now, you can publish a new post and see your tweet with the custom status by visiting your Twitter profile.


If this article was helpful in “How to automatically tweet when publishing new post on WordPress,” please comment and share it with your family and friends, and whether you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask in the comment box below.

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